Data backup

CDT Connexion protects not only the data on your desktops and laptops, but also the critical data on your servers, including SQL, Exchange, Linux and file servers. We can also watch over your network drives.  Whether you have hundreds or millions of data gigabytes, you can rest assured they will be protected.

After the first backup, the system will only save new files or the portions of existing files that have been modified. Why is this important? Backing up files takes up unnecessary storage space and uses too much bandwidth. By saving just the data modified since the last backup, our solution saves you money in bandwidth use and allows you to generate incremental backups at the speed of light.

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Our infrastructure

  • Server threat protection
  • High Performance Storage
  • Fully managed servers for your peace of mind
  • Personalized and flexible environment
  • Veeam Cloud Connect backups

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